Drupal errors & struggles

A specific dedicated Drupal blog page is definitely a must on any Drupal website, just to keep up and a bit of a record of all the errors and error message that one continuously bumps in to... An initial version was created as Article under http://visitaramsterdam.info/tryouts but since this page cannot be edited anymore (see problem below), I decided to create this specially dedicated Drupal Errors & Struggle Blog.

  1. I was only going to check if Locale might influence in an error + message regarding maps but then 
  2. I discovered some content of this site was "classified" as English (most probably the first articles, that I created before installing and activating spanish).
  3. Since language support for Article type content was de-activated, I activated it again only to get (how else) an error message on ALL pages, also for anonymous users (hate that!):
    Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given en theme_image_formatter() (línea 605 de /home/riccardo/domains/visitaramsterdam.info/public_html/modules/image/image.field.inc).
  4. So now I will pass all the "english" pages to spanish, deactivate language support, and hope at least this error disappear (but why the heck should there be an error in the first place?)
  5. Now the frontpage proudly shows the same error 7 times!  Looks great!  Doin' real fine :)
  6. Next, deactivate language support....
  7. And YESSSS!!!!  Still getting the error!  :(((    Now What???
    WHY the EF do I get an error on IMAGES if I only changes something in LANGUAGE???    Drupal's ways are misterious!
  8. And opening up another tab to look for this error.... There are only some 25 already open in Chrome and some 10 in FF
  9. And yes, exists!  Obviously much more people had this error. Now just hope the maintainer doesn't say "Won't fix" or "Need more info"...
  10. O God! So many Drupal error windows open it gets confusing. Ordering them chronically.
  11. Oh wow, someone proposing a solution

    Can you replace line 742 by

    if ((! empty($node->book["bid"]) ) && $build['#view_mode'] != "teaser" && array_key_exists('links', $build)) {
  12. Ah no... This solution refers to "Book made simple" (?)
  13. Ok, so search for a longer line: Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given en theme_image_formatter()  (new tab)
  14. YES! Found again!  However, more quarrelling about whether or not it is a core issue or not, than solutions. And YES, "closed" and "needs more info".  Oh, yes and the ever suggestion, to reproduce on a "clean" install. HOW can you be expected to "reproduce" from a clean install if after all the installations, changes, updates, errors you had to go through you don't even remember a tenth of what you have done.
    Anyway this trhead no use. BUT... reference to other thread
  15. So check this next thread. A patch that doesn't work, except one who claims it works on version 3.7. At this point I am already so confused that I can't read or concentrate well anymore... version 3.7 of WHAT???
  16. Ok, so left my observations in that thread, with a reference to this first Drupal error & struggle blog, from now on to be incorporated in the other websites too
  17. But... so now I have an additional problem on this website that didn't exist before, while the original problem  is still there
    Notice: Undefined index: en geoPHP::load() (línea 62 de.....
    Exception: geoPHP could not find an adapter of type en geoPHP::load()(línea 65 de
  18. This, at it's turn, was again a "secondary" problem that appeared, when looking for answers on the REAL initial problem (was it?) at http://new.riccardobarbieri.com/article/dasi-disfunci%C3%B3n-de-la-articulaci%C3%B3n-sacro-il%C3%ADaca which really worries me: images that disappear and youtube that doesn show. It specially worries me because I need to create an Article to finally find a solution to many years of intense pain my girlfriend has been going through. The idea was to illustrate with graphics and videos. But this seems not to be possible anymore since Drupal 7, or (Debut) Media or Open Outreach. 



Since there are several levels of errors I need to recapitulate in the right order for myself to understand it again

Multiple Drupal Errors/Problems in order of occurrence:

  1. Images disappear and Youtube does not show on riccardobarbieri.com  (starting a week ago!)   
    No error message
    Thread: (have to look for it)
    Config: D7.24 & OO1.3  (and all the corresponding versions, ok?)
    • So then I decided to try the same on former websites where this problem had not occurred (yet): Visitar Amsterdam and Infosevilla
      And then it turned out that this problem now DID occur on both sites too...  (both versions:  D7.23 & OO1.2)  
    • In the meantime, on creating a new Article type content on Infosevilla for tryout, but then wanting to edit (http://www.infosevilla.com/es/node/14/edit) this new content I smashed into a new problem:
  2. Article content type without location gives error when wanting to open for edit - which is possible anymore
    Error message: OpenLayers Widget: Exception: geoPHP could not find an adapter of type in geoPHP::load()
    Thread: https://drupal.org/node/1871510
    Config: (have to check)
    Example: http://visitaramsterdam.info/tryouts
    • Strangely this had not happen before, but then I thought to recall someone associating this with the activation of "Locale" (or was it for the former problem?)
    • So I decided to de-activate "locale" on Visitar Amsterdam, where I was trying out at that moment.
    • And so then, unavoidably it seems, Drupal gave me a new problem:
  3. Error message on all the pages including for anonymous, even if no tangible problem seemes to exist
    Error message (7 times!): Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given en theme_image_formatter() (línea 605 
    Thread: https://drupal.org/node/1959558
    • ​​So now Visitaramsterdam is screwed up.
    • O wait, I didn't try emptying caches, cron and updates yet.
      Since any action on Drupal can always give any kind of unexpected outcomes I always try these three, just in case.
      - emptying cache... And YESSS!!!  As expected: Additional NEW error messages: 
      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() en taxonomy_field_formatter_prepare_view() (línea 1666 de....  -  (3 times)
      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() en taxonomy_field_formatter_view() (línea 1589 de.... - (3 times)
      Warning: array_flip() [function.array-flip]: Can only flip STRING and INTEGER values! en DrupalDefaultEntityController->load() (línea 173 de.... - (7 times)
      on refresh the first two disappear and ONLY 7 error messages are left... fuw...
      - Cron....    Goodgood... no additional errors, just and update suggestion (yeah, sure!)
      - Update... nothing to update, ok.
      Error messages remain.
  4. By the way after Cron on Infosevilla.com I get:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() en taxonomy_field_formatter_prepare_view() (línea 1666 de
    But this seems to be a golden oldie and disappears on refresh or going to another page, so it doesn't bother (doesn't it?)
    also I remember seeing some patch somewhere that would make it disappear. But still, within the hierarchy of Drupal stress, this is a luxury problem.

So... one week of my life lost on Drupal, yet again. Now what? I guess I'll just make the page I intended to make in Drupal 7 either on (old) www.riccardobarbieri.com or in plain HTML. Fortunately I had not yet started to try to port Independency Project to D7, nor on-map.net. For globalopinion and inspirationtree there might be still hope, although working with Drupal, inspiration is the last thing you get to.


Anyway, now try with Locale de-activated, although don't even remember why anymore... :(   

I have tried de-activating "Locale" (+content translation, etc), but I only achieved that all contents disappeared, so that's quite a no-go :(   Fortunately it appeared again after re-activating Locale, so not a remaining problem like that other one.



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